"CoeLux is a light of the Third Kind", Eric Neumann

"CoeLux is a light of the Third Kind", Eric Neumann

Eric Neumann, grandson of Hugo Neumann, actually CEO and Lighting Designer of the family company, told us he chose CoeLux to differentiate themselves in the Belgian lighting community and also the reason why he places it in the third dimension of light.

Hugo Neumann, Eric’s grand-father, created a new company in Vienna in 1928 with his own name, specialized in artificial lighting solutions. He left Austria with his family in 1933 to move to Belgium.

Neumann’s family is in the lighting business since the last 91 years.

Eric Neumann, actually CEO and Lighting Designer, has started his “lighting experience” during a summer holidays of his youth.

He's been keen on specifying us that his father “gently asked” him to give support to the company and to discover sector he was working in. This allowed him to understand what working in a family business means and to meet great people who have fed him with their passion for light.

This “Light Passion” was part of him and in the last 25 years it involved him in a constant search, a quest for the perfect light tool and this is the reason why he met CoeLux.


But now, let’s leave the floor directly to Eric:

1. In your company philosophy you said that you believe in a “third dimension of light, the Light of the Third Kind” a wider, more complex, yet more interesting perspective. Would you place CoeLux in this dimension? For what reason?

CoeLux is a light of the Third Kind! It is a light that you must feel, perceive and experience! CoeLux is a light that touches you, that becomes part of you. Its form surrounds you. You enter with CoeLux into the Third Kind of Light.


2. Which is the main difference between you and the other competitors in the lighting community, in a small market like the Belgian one? And, how do you think CoeLux can provide an additional value in your lighting projects?

Hugo Neumann’s company has understood how today the Lighting Designers, the Architects, the Engineers and even the end-users are looking for human contact, able to greatly enhance the architectural and lighting projects.
"It is important for us to find "Light experts" who look beyond the ordinary function of the lighting concept. We wanted to collect them all together in a single "HUB" where people who desire other (or new) ways to light their own spaces find their answer. We can do this by selecting specialized manufacturers, each with a different and personal approach to "lighting", each with its own peculiarities.
For this reason we have chosen CoeLux, to differentiate ourselves and to offer a more scientific and technological approach, thus reaching a new dimension of "lighting".



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